Elevator Modernizations may many times be too costly for smaller properties. We are here to offer solutions to best fit your needs. An elevator’s interior will be seen by everyone: all your visitors, tenants and your customers will see it.

We Specialize in remodeling elevator cabs, making both visual and aesthetic updates and upgrades to keep your elevator up to code.

A hydraulic cylinder normally lasts approximately 25 years. Also, most elevators installed prior to 1972 were commonly single bottom hydraulic cylinders. These have since been found to be un-safe. 

A battery back-up unit can be placed on your hydraulic elevator. In the event that you lose power in the building, this equipment would lower the elevator to the lowest landing selected and open the doors before turning off the elevator. This is a safety feature which could eliminate the inconvenience of an entrapment during a power outage.

We can also offer any economical solutions to improve reliability and elevator efficiency before doing a full modernization.